Capital Home Builders is located in Savannah Lakes Village on the shores of Lake Strom Thurmond. We provide a true turnkey approach to building your dream home from concept to completion. Our service area includes, but is not limited to, Savannah Lakes Village and the surrounding Lake Thurmond area.


The Capital Home Builders Mission is to provide a superior home at an exceptional value, while improving the surrounding community at large.


Founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2004 by Jeffrey Dinos and Dwight Fleming, Capital Home Builders LLC. permanently relocated to Savannah Lakes Village in 2005. With years of successful projects, Jeff and Dwight have established themselves as professional homebuilders with a reputation of providing exceptional quality and character at an exceptional value. Capital's new home construction focus includes retirement homes, second homes and lake homes that provide exceptional places to live. Capital Home Builders is licensed, bonded and fully insured to build in South Carolina and Georgia.

"You have a vision. We can work with you on your vision
better than anyone"

Key Team Members


It is an important distinction that the owners of the company are on-site and in charge of the project from start to finish. While Capital has additional support, we are basically a two person operation. Your initial meeting will be with Jeff and Dwight and Dwight. In addition, Jeff will be the on-site supervisors throughout the duration of the job. This approach minimizes communication problems and eliminates any "passing the torch" issues.




Jeffrey C. Dinos

Managing Partner, Owner


Jeff holds a degree in construction management and an undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia. He is a licensed and bonded builder in the State of South Carolina and Georgia. Jeff co-founded Capital Home Builders in 2004 after being part of Artisan remodeling, a historic renovation team in Atlanta, Georgia. As owners of a small business Jeff and Dwight's jobs often overlap but, primarily Jeff's responsibilities include estimating, finances, project manager, and scheduling.





Dwight D. Fleming

Managing Partner, Owner


Dwight holds an undergraduate economics degree from Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia. He is a licensed builder in the state of South Carolina. In 2004 Dwight co-founded Capital Home Builders in Atlanta, Georgia. Dwight is a member of First Presbyterian Church of Greenwood, serves on the Savannah Valley Railroad Trail’s board as vice chairman, is a member of the McCormick Chamber of Commerce and serves on Lander University’s Board of Visitors. As owners of a small business Dwight and Jeff's jobs often overlap but primarily Dwight is in charge of home design, interior design, marketing, project manager and scheduling.



Larry Crochet

Architectural Designer


Your design ideas may be in your head, on a napkin, or they may be on a combination of plans you have pieced together. Larry’s skill is transforming your ideas and images into your dream home utilizing the latest in residential design technology. His 30 years of experience in the computer industry provides for a strong technical background in CAD and residential design programs. He spent two years with a national home builder and eight years with a custom builder prior joining the Capital Home Builders team. Larry currently lives in Savannah Lakes Village with his wife of 33 years.




Susan Dargis

Interior Designer


Susan Dargis graduated from the Harrington Institute of Interior Design in Chicago and holds a degree in interior design. She is also nationally certified with NCIDQ. Her 32 year career has encompassed commercial, retail and residential design. She  worked in California and Chicago before moving to SLV three years ago. From exquisite trim details to furnishings and window treatments, Susan, along with the rest of Capital Home Builder's staff, can help you transform your vision into a reality.





Nathan Elliott



Nathan Elliott grew up in Aiken, South Carolina and received his degree in Fine Arts from the University of South Carolina. Nathan plans to promote the Savannah Lakes Village area with his use of photography and layout design skills. His work in a variety of business environments, such as publishing, printing, manufacturing, retail and social media gives him a wealth of experience to draw from for tackling design projects as they arise. In addition, Nathan works as publisher for Shorelines Magazine, a lifestyle magazine focusing on the Savannah Lakes Village community.







The following highlights are from recommendation letters written by our customers. We make it our goal to consistently deliver a quality product while making the process enjoyable and stress free for the homeowner; and these letters are a proud testament to our continued success in meeting this goal.

“They REALLY listened to us. As with most of us, I knew what I wanted and what was important to me. Jeff and Dwight did their best to make sure the house was what we wanted – not what was easy for them.”


Anne & David McLain

Savannah Lakes Village - Tara



“During the entire building process, we only made 3 or 4 trips to SLV. Dwight and Jeff always had all of our appointments set up so we could choose everything we needed for the house (roofing, siding, countertops, cabinets, carpet, tile, lighting, plumbing). They also took many pictures of our house in progress and sent them to us regularly.”


Bob and Diana Bricely

Savannah Lakes Village - Tara



“When we visited the house in progress, we were always treated courteously by you, your workers, and the  subcontractors. You were both always available to answer any questions we had during the entire process and most importantly you returned phone calls promptly”


Brian Wilson

Savannah Lakes Village - Monticello


“In a world where so many in the construction industry who seem to be interested only in making an extra dollar – no matter what the unethical methods it might take to get there – Dwight and Jeff both stand out as the all-too-rare builders people can trust.”


Wendy and Dave Linaberry

Savannah Lakes Village - Tara



“The last important piece of the puzzle in new construction concerns what happens after the job is done. We could not have asked for better punch-list service and, even when the issue was not something you were directly responsible for, you followed up with vendors to be sure things were done right.”


George and Jan Burttram

Savannah Lakes Village -
Savannah Point



“They also helped us work within our budget. When we exceeded allotted amounts, we were made aware of the increase. When we were below allotments, we knew we would have these funds to use in other areas. A very valuable asset you provided us was the expertise of a decorator. Meeting with her, sharing our preferences, and speaking of what we wanted our home to reflect allowed us to choose colors and materials that added our distinctive touch.”


Jack and Lana Snellgrove

Savannah Lakes Village - Shenandoah

"We were fortunate to find Capital Builders to work with us to fashion our idea of a high efficiency, low maintenance retirement home."


Pam and Stu Whipple

Savannah Lakes Village - Southwind



“Throughout all the construction Jeff Dinos and Dwight Fleming were professional, courteous and always willing to help in any way they could. We are completely satisfied with our home and sunroom addition and would highly recommend Capital Home Builders to any homebuyers.”


Bob & Darlene Kowtko

Savannah Lakes Village - Tara



“As we progressed in the building project, we were happy and sometimes somewhat surprised to see that Capital Builders chose to install top quality where a step down would have been acceptable. You’ll find the process more fun than frustrating and make some new friends along the way.”


Ron and Barb Borkgren

Savannah Lakes Village - Tara



1230 Hwy 7 McCormick, South Carolina 29835  phone: 864.391.8020