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We can work with you on your vision better than anyone. Consider taking advantage of our experience as home builders, architectural designers and real estate agents.

Where do we Start?

Home Site and Floor Plan Consultation


Schedule a free home site and design consultation with the best in the area.

We respect your time. For a productive meeting this is what we need you to bring, think about or ideally send us prior to meeting.


1. Lot Location - Do you want to be on the golf course, the lake or on an interior lot? Or if you already own a home site, send us the lot, block and subdivision information and we will review prior to meeting.


2. Floor Plans - Bring 1 to 3 floor plans you like and believe are within your budget. One your confidant you can afford, one you think you can afford and your dream home. We have ready to build floor plans here, or browse online here. If you find a plan you like, whether it's ours or from another source, keep in mind we can modify it for you.


3. Desired Home Finishes - An idea as to what level of finishes you desire in on your home will further help us determine the overall cost of the purposed project. We will not get into details, just big picture stuff like what type flooring throughout the home and what type of materials you would like on the exterior of the home. We will run through a features and finishes checklist that will help determine the level of finishes and the cost of the home.


4. Budget Range - A project budget range will help us advise you on where to allocate your resources based on your priorities. The lot, the house size/design and the level of finishes all depend on the budget.

What  do we Expect to Accomplish During

the Consultation?

Expect to leave the consultation with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Dwight Fleming

Savannah Lakes Realty—Capital Home Builders

The initial consultation can last a few hours to all day. During that time we hope to accomplish the following:


1. Village Tour - If you are new to the area, we will be happy to mix in a tour of the area while we are viewing lots.


2. Lot Selection - Based on our conversations, we will have prepared 6 to 8 lots for you to preview. We will spend a considerable amount of time riding by and walking lots discussing the pros and cons of each.


3. Floor Plan Consultation - During the beginning of the appointment, or even prior to the appointment, we will discuss desired home size, layout and foundation type. This will aid in lot selection. Towards the end of the appointment, we will attempt to narrow down the direction we are heading with the plan design.


4. Budget - We have reviewed lots, floor plans and desired home finishes. At the end of the day, we will attempt to give you a ballpark estimate of the cost of the home on a chosen lot.



Experience the Advantage


Our process does the following for you:

  • Purchase your lot with confidence knowing a reputable local home builder has assessed it for grade and other local factors that can drastically affect construction pricing.

  • Save time not having individual meetings with various real estate agents, home designers and builders.

  • Our single point of contact system saves you frustration through the process.

  • The efficiencies of our comprehensive process save you money.

  • Design your home with an architectural draftsman experienced in working with retirees in
    Savannah Lakes Village.

  • In the easy at night knowing you have selected a group of local, reputable professionals that have served Savannah Lakes since 2004 and will continue to serve far into the future.

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