Green Building


With the recent and necessary trend toward energy efficiency, we have naturally incorporated many standard green practices in our homes. Weatherproof house wrap, low-E windows, I-joist floor systems, OSB sheathing, and fiberglass insulation are just a few examples.


However, if you are interested in obtaining an even more efficient home, we are considered to be the leader in green construction for our area.


We have practical and realistic energy saving suggestions that apply specifically to our region of the country and our development. The goal here is to both protect the environment and save you money over the lifetime of the investment.


"You readily accepted our desire to build an energy efficient home and offered recommendations that have since proven to be excellent choices."


Jack and Lana Snellgrove

Savannah Lakes Village Residents


"We were fortunate to find Capital Builders to work with us to fashion our idea of a high efficiency, low maintenance retirement home."


Pam and Stu Whipple

Savannah Lakes Village Residents


Energy Saving


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