Design Your Perfect Plan,
with our help

Home Design


Unlike other “custom” home builders that have a few floor plans to choose from, limited selections and charge outrageous prices for modifications, Capital Home Builders offers in-house plan design services and professional help from a builder during the design meetings. We want to be there to answer any questions you may have and give you helpful ideas and suggestions from an experienced point of view.


Remember that house you walked through and fell in love with? Or the one you saw listed on the internet, but turns out it was actually in another community? And we all have those friends that have something in their home we would just LOVE to have someday.


Well, TODAY is that someday! At Capital Home Builders, we want to hear your ideas of the perfect home and help you create every inch of it while staying mindful of budget and timing.


We are different than other builders in the way we work WITH you to design your home. Other custom builders might send you to a designer or architect and just bid the plan out at the very end. What happens when you are $20,000 over budget? Do you redo the plans all together and waste more time and money… and add stress? At Capital Home Builders, we offer a professional preliminary estimate, which allows you to make modifications should you be a little over or under your budgeted price.

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